Will This Arsenal Team Ever Win the EPL Title?

Will This Arsenal Team Ever Win the EPL Title?

Arsene Wenger has done his best to convince everybody that the Arsenal team will soon be champions and end the decade of drought for the Gunners. This season was meant to be the year when that could have happened, but unfortunately for Arsenal fans it didn’t.

With a fanbase that has been getting the wind knocked out of their sails for the past 13 years, they are now looking for better past times. Gunners’ fans moved their attention elsewhere and started looking for joy, happiness, and that “jump up and shout” win in other places. Where should they find it other than the rewarding world of the lottery! Some Arsenal fans feel that they actually stand a much better chance of being winners if they play the United States Mega Millions lottery . If you look at the lackluster performances of their team, this is no surprise.

In this article we will try to analyze this Arsenal team’s chances of ever winning the English Premier League title. However, if you are an Arsenal fan and you have followed your team closely, you probably already know the answer.

Squad Depth

It has long been said that this Arsenal team does not have the stamina to perform on four different competitive fronts every year. In addition, people often said that if Arsenal wanted to win a more illustrious trophy such as the Champions League or EPL, they would have to concentrate all their focus into one competition, instead on focusing on all of them. The best way to start, is small, it is how the world works unfortunately!

This year was the perfect opportunity to see if something like that was the answer to Arsenal’s trophyless seasons. The Gunners are not participating in the Champions League this year, so many thought that this would make them favourites for the EPL title.

However, this couldn’t have been any further from the truth as Arsenal didn’t use the opportunity of not participating in Europe’s most important club competition to their advantage. They regularly deliver poor performances on a weekly basis, both in the EPL and in the Europa League, and their title offensive never really got going.

Star Players

It would be fair to say that if you want to win an EPL title you have to have a couple of world class players in your squad. Luckily for Arsenal fans, in Mesut Ozil and in Alexis Sanchez they have some of the world’s best in their positions. One is a World Cup winner and the other is a Copa America champion.

However, as with all things Arsenal, this is a situation which will most likely end in heartbreak. This is because both of these players have contracts with the North London club which expire this summer. There have been talks about extending their contracts, but from what is currently evident that won’t be the case and both Sanchez and Ozil will most likely be playing for a different club next season.

The Manager

The last key ingredient in a title winning team is a world class master tactician. Unfortunately for Arsenal fans, Wenger is anything but, and the sooner he leaves the sooner their title chances will increase.