Getting Ready for the 2018 World Cup

Getting Ready for the 2018 World Cup

Pressure Mounting

The clock is ticking as fans from all around the world watch their calendars in excruciating anticipation of this year’s World Cup. Football fan’s excitement is mounting as the start of the first games in Russia are only a week away. It is time for fans start stocking up on all their favorite snacks, make sure their televisions are in order, and update their apps to make sure they don’t miss a single second of action.

There is a lot of potential for upsets this year, as each roster from every country is impressive. There has also been a lot of last minute shifting, new updates and turns of events that could completely turn all the odds on their heads. While Germany and Brazil currently look like the strongest contenders, that could all change at the drop of a hat.

The Basic Lowdown

Whether you are an old fan or a newcomer getting interested in the world’s most popular sport, the World Cup is like the Olympics of football. There will be 32 different teams competing this year, but that could be changing too. FIFA is already ramping up and planning to expand the cup to 48 teams by 2026.

While there is a bright future ahead for the World Cup, you also have to look to the past to see where we are in the present. The last champions of the cup were Germany, which was the fourth championship win for the juggernaut team. Germany won out over Brazil in 2014, and hadn’t previously won in over 24 years. The squad today still looks strong, and is a favorite to win.

Bet On It

This year’s World Cup promises to be an all out bash. The strongest competitors to ever play the game will be going head to head to be crowned the king of the pitch. You can be sure that every coach, every athlete has built their entire career upon these moments. Legends are forged in the fires of this competition. Everyone wants to win, and the stakes have never been higher.

It isn’t just the athletes that are prepping for the games however. There are plenty of fans who are sharpening their mind, checking out the stats, studying the players to get a competitive edge in the betting world. The bookmakers are setting the odds and the spreads too, giving out World Cup betting tips that could mean fortune or folly. To put it shortly, things are heating up in a hurry.

A Bit of Controversy

You can really feel the charge of electricity in the air this year. There are so many things happening in the world, and it all shines through quite clearly during the World Cup. That is what happens when you mix some of the most passionate and proud competitors around the world and put them all in the same place.

People are so riled up that there is talk of racist chanting at the World Cup, which could make the games take a distasteful turn. While friendly competition is good, it is important we all remain respectful and honor the heart and tradition of the game. As long as we do that the World Cup will continue to rally people from all around the world to share in their love of the game.