Do the Belgium’s stand any chance of winning this years’ FIFA World Cup?

Do the Belgium’s stand any chance of winning this years’ FIFA World Cup?

According to the bookies, the favourites to win this years FIFA World Cup in Russia will be the usual suspects such as Spain, Brazil and Germany. Of course, these sides have proven their worth when it comes to the big occasions and they would be the safest bet, however there are a couple of dark horses in the competition that are worth keeping an eye on.

One of the outsiders that I will be discussing in this column is Belgium. If you had to compare every sides team sheet that qualified for this years’ competition, the Belgium squad is right up there and they can most certainly beat any team on their day. If you’re tired of just being a spectator and would like to get in on the action, you can always bet on the outcomes of any and all games in the world cup. For the best World Cup tips on who to put your money on click on World Cup Betting Tips and see what the experts think of the Belgium’s chances are – and if they line up with yours, it may well be worth trying your hand at some World Cup betting. They have strength in all areas of the field from goal keeper to their centre forwards.

The Belgium’s have really come up in leaps and bounds in recent years and many of their players are plying their trades for some of the world’s biggest football teams today, this will benefit them and perhaps make them more prepared as the head into this years’ FIFA World Cup. In goals the Belgium’s have Courtois and Mignolet competing for the number 1 shirt. Courtois has proven to be one of the best goal keepers in the game in the last few season, winning the Premier League with his club side Chelsea football club last season.

In their back line they have some of the best defenders in the world today, with the likes of Vertonghen, Alderweireld and Kompany to name a few. These players have proven to be brilliant ball playing defenders but at the same time they have the steel and concentration to keep clean sheets.

In midfield they have an abundance of talent and it will be tough to fit all these super stars onto the field at the same time. They have world class ball winning midfielders such as Naingogolan, Fellaini and Dembele. These players have the ability to battle their way against most midfielders in the world today, with great strength, class and desire they will be a tough match for most opposition sides.

If I were a defender playing against Belgium I would be terrified the night before I played them as they have such a wealth of talent in their attack. If you manage to stop the silky, smooth dribbling skills of Hazard on the left-hand side of the attack then you have to try and deal with the world class passing ability of the assist king Kevin De Bruyne. If this wasn’t enough to scare you off then the speed and strength of goal scoring machine Romelu Lukaku should give you nightmares.

If this side can gel together and work as a team they should be a dangerous match for anyone on their day and yes, they do have the ability to go all the way and win this years’ illustrious competition.